Sunshine Barre

Leaner. Stronger. Longer.

I typically don't write reviews but I can't say enough positive things about Sunshine Barre and Carmen! I had been looking for something to get me moving and motivated for a long time and I finally found it!! I am NOT a gym person by any stretch but I LOVE coming to Sunshine Barre! I started 3 months ago and I truly enjoy every class and look forward to going! I'm addicted! Carmen is so positive, inspiring, empowering and motivational! It's the best thing I've decided to do for myself in a very long time! I feel stronger, more flexible and positive and my clothes fit better. The classes are fun and different and will push you to places you never thought possible! One plié, one tuck, one pulse at a time! Thank you Carmen and Sunshine Barre!! ☀️

Fantastic workout & Carmen is an amazing instructor with fantastic energy & very motivating. I have been taking Barre classes for a few years but Sunshine Barre is very unique in that incorporates some cardio plus a bit of yoga moves...I love the mix of styles, Carmen's class is truly is a complete workout!!

This class is unreal! Every time I come which is 2-3 times per week, it is always different and fun new moves to learn! Carmen is an amazing teacher and truly motivates you to keep pushing through to become the best you can be.
Working out has never really been my thing, I just did it because I felt I should. I used to dance when I was younger and after having knee injuries I have not found that same love for a workout until sunshine barre studio came into my life !!! I already feel stronger from just a short few weeks as I am still a new member. My knee has not been in pain once either. SIMPLY AMAZING!

It’s the best workout ever! It’s always different each time I go. Carmen and Jackie are so amazing. I feel so strong after a class. It’s so much fun. 😊

Every workout I ever did in my 30+ years had me feeling inadequate in comparison to the others around me. At Sunshine the lighting is low and you dig in to challenge only yourself during the hour. The music is pumping and for an hour I don’t feel my age of 48 years old. My first class I cried in discouragement of stamina I had lost! The second class when I made it through the hour I felt badass! Honestly I saw immediate results. I can not compare SunShine to anything out there! Carmen kicks my ass and I beg for more with each class I enroll in! I would drive half an hour at least to get this workout and zen. Also with my swing shifts SunShine offers most classes day shift and night shift for me. 7 days a week you access your favorites and all the instructors are also clients. I love to see the instructors in my classes on days they are not the vessel. In a nutshell you get what you put in to it. The returns are immeasurable. Oh and forget about that clicky shit most places have with a bunch of women......everyone is smiling, supportive, helpful, and there for the same reason. We are all just here to walk each other home! Thank you SunShine for the pride I leave with for achievements I didn’t think I could access.

I take the Yoga, spin and barre classes and I love them all! Great workouts and great atmosphere and everyone is really nice and inviting and I feel really great when I leave there 💪😊

I’ve been coming off and on for about 2 months now. I love Carmen and Jaqui’s energy and the non-judgemental atmosphere. Both instructors have taken the time to guide me to modify exercise to my body’s limitations. Feeling stronger and more fit each time � Love it!!

The Buti yoga class is fantastic. Challenging for sure but you’ll feel stronger every time ! Carmen is amazing & inspires everyone in the class. Great atmosphere , friendly & welcoming!

After having my second child I struggled to lose the weight around my hips and thighs so I decided to try a spin class. I have been doing the soul cycle classes for about 3 weeks, twice a week. In that time I have lost an inch in my waist and my butt and thighs have become 2 seperate things! That’s a big deal for this post baby body. Danielle and Carmen are both awesome. Different types of work out from each but you will sweat hard with both. I am hooked!

I am a newbie but enjoying it so far. Plan on becoming a veteran of this great lil ray of sunshine and great female community.

Love Sunshine! the place is clean and affordable. I currently do pop-ins. Great value for your money. Love how easy it is to book a class through the APP. I feel at home everytime I step inside the studio. The other clients are friendly and very supportive. I had never taken a barre class before but I was completely comfortable and with each class, I definitely see myself improving. The instuctors are experts and have an amazing attitude and give you encouragement to guide you through the class and throughout your day. ☀️Namaste

Love love love this place, the instructors, the workout and the non judgment community. Highly recommended..try it out, the results are phenomenal!

Very grateful to not only teach to this wonderful community but have a personal relationship with the owner, Carmen, who has built this from the ground up. Classes are for every level of fitness, every age group and provides an environment of no judgement and encourages self love. Simply fantastic!

Just go. You'll be sore. It will be hard. But, you'll get strong. You will laugh when all you want to do is give the instructor the finger during class but it's really the best place I've ever worked out--hands down. I'm hooked. Love it there.

I promised my sister I would join her for a spin class while home on leave, and I was not let down. The workout was very intense and Carmen was a great instructor.

Best place for so many fitness options. My favorites are Barre and TRX and Buti Yoga and Spin.. I think that covers most of it...

SunShine Barre studio has that feel good environment before and definitely after your workout. Woman owned business 💜 Carmen makes you feel at home. Spread the love to the community SunShine definitely makes you feel great!

This is an absolutely amazing place to work on your health and fitness. The positive vibes you get are so incredible you can't help but smile....sunshine is what Carmen and her staff shower on you in each class to encourage you to do your absolute best every day!

I started at Sunshine Barre in March 2016. Started just once a week and loved it! Both Carmen and Mandel were welcoming, friendly and extremely supportive in my journey of fitness and health. The studio is always immaculate and extremely clean. Carmen's classes are fun, challenging, motivating and so much more! You never know what you are going to get but it is always good. I now attend 4-6 times a week because I am totally hooked and have never felt so good; body, mind and soul! I have also done TRX and Butiyoga and both are amazing. And I am also really enjoying when Jackie teaches a class. I now feel like I have new friends and "family"....our "tribe".... grateful every day for Carmen and her beautiful gift to me!

This is an awesome studio! Carmen puts her heart and soul into each and every class. She loves her tribe.

Sunshine Barre is amazing! The facility is clean, accommodating and welcoming. Carmen is beyond a doubt the most friendly and motivating instructor. Sunshine offers a variety of classes from Barre, Butiyoga, Spin to TRX with even select speciality classes included at a variety of times. I love the Sunshine Barre app too. I can purchase different packages and book right online. Everything I need is offered at Sunshine Barre. #Sunshineforlife �

Can't tell you how much I love it there!! There is such positive energy from Carmen and the people who do barre with her!! I look forward to my classes. Adding spin was the icing on the cake!! Just adding to an amazing place to get in shape!!

I have no idea how she keeps up the energy or positivity but she does !!! This place helps me work on all my problem areas !!!!! Love it... Cant not go soo addicting ❤️

Amazing classes ! Carmen is awesome . Every class is so different and challenging . Always working different muscles and pushes us to do more and more . Such a positive energy in each class !

Carmen's studio is clean. Classes are excellent every day every class is fun .full body workout you leave feeling great inside and out 
Best class for the price!

Had my first class today and wasn't sure what to expect! It was absolutely amazing! And the instructor was wonderful! I felt myself giving up a couple of times but she was right there making sure I kept going! Can't wait to go back!!!!

I can't say enough great things about Sunshine Barre and Carmen. I wanted to find a Barre class for fitness and to help me lose weight, but I've gained so much more. My strength, posture, balance, endurance, and flexibility have all improved. Carmen has the most diverse, challenging and well rounded work outs that make the most out of every class. For once, I'm excited about, and enjoying working out, thanks to Sunshine Barre!