Sunshine Barre

Leaner. Stronger. Longer.

Why should YOU begin your journey with Sunshine Barre? 

Sunshine Barre Studio is more than your average barre class . We  provide a complete full body workout, using light hand weights , resistance bands, Fluiballs, and high-intensity blasts alternating between cardio and strengthening movements. Every day we come to the barre to honor our bodies. We plie, pulse and tuck our way to strength & confidence.

Classes at Sunshine Barre are upbeat, fun, and engaging.  I teach from my heart and with a passion. My main concern is that you leave each class with a smile, feeling pride and admiration for your body. Vibe is everything to me and I strive for my studio space to reflect that.   Here, you'll find a welcoming and supportive environment full of individuals who are embarking on their own fitness journey. This isn't a place of judgement, it's a place of self-acceptance, of motivation, and hard work. The place you come in as strangers and leave as Friends

Here, you'll find a variety of classes that are all guaranteed to challenge your body in new and exciting ways. Check out our Barre, Yoga ,TRX, and Butiyoga & FlowCycle tabs to learn more about all of these exciting class offerings



Do things that set your SOUL on Fire !!!

Do things that set your SOUL on Fire !!!